Tuesday, October 6, 2009

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Foreign exchange currency trading is a risky business with much to lose and much to gain. As a professional forex broker and personal trader, I have realized the fast profits this market can reap, while witnessing the dog-eat-dog nature of the beast, in which buyers lose their shirts every minute.

Whether you are a forex trader or just curious about forex currency trading, you owe it to yourself to separate the wheat from the chafe. The Internet is awash in foreign exchange currency trading websites whose sole existences are dependent upon ignorant forex investors. From get-rich-quick forex software schemes to free forex training, forex educational seminars, free forex signals, forex forums, and more, the fraudulence that surrounds the fx trading market is frightening.

Forex trading is very different from the U.S. stock market. The major differences include:

•Forex has no central exchange
•Forex trading can be done around the clock
•Forex has no overseeing regulatory commission, such as the SEC
The forex market is a wild, open arena without rules, laws, or a governing body. No one cares if your money is taken. No one will lose any sleep if you’ve been lied to. There are no repercussions if you’re treated unfairly. Investors trade at their own risk and have no legal recourse to enforce justice.

I know. I’ve been there. The scammers have burned me more than once. In an attempt to further my own knowledge, I fell for the magical software sales pitches and followed the crooked paths to the stolen treasures, only to be let down ad nauseam.

I served my time as a forex broker, which was an eye-opening experience. I heard and saw the manipulation of client profits that was business as usual. It quickly shifted my interest in trading and brokering forex to that of protecting forex traders. I redirected my efforts from studying daily forex signals to researching forex websites. I was determined to devise a resource on which forex investors could rely for honest, fair information exchange

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  1. The German ZEW investor confidence survey improved for the sixth consecutive month in April, with the index jumping to a two-year high of 13.0 from -3.5 in the previous month however, the current outlook for the economy slipped to -91.6 from -89.4, which is the lowest since September 2003, as the region faces its worst economic downturn in over half a century.

  2. As the European Central Bank forecasts the annual rate of growth for the euro-region to contract 2.7% this year, and expects economic activity to remain subdued in 2010, the governing board is anticipated to lower the benchmark interest rate further in an effort to stem the downside risks for growth and inflation. As a result, investors are pricing another 25bp rate cut by the ECB next month however, as President Trichet remains reluctant to overshoot the interest rate, the central bank may adopt additional policy tools as the economic downturn intensifies.

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