Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why dbFX (deutshe bank forex in Germany)

Why dbFX?
You may be thinking why should you opt for deutshe bank. But now after 2009, it is clear that dbFX is clearly a good option. Read what dbFX has to say,
dbFX brings Deutsche Bank's award-winning expertise in foreign exchange to individuals and small institutions. As one of the leading global investment banks, clients have instant access to world class exécution, research and pricing in a single forex trading platform.This, combined with our hedging FX capabilities and state of the art technology, provides you with the tools to gain a competitive edge.Trade with confidence
Funds are held with Deutsche Bank and are protected by the deposit protection fund of German banks of the Association.
Competitive spreads from as low as 2 points of on 34 currency pairs **
Quality execution in all market conditions.
Exclusive access to Deutsche Bank's proprietary FX research and news.
Superior client across various communication channels services, with 24-hour multi-language support.
Trade with ease
Trade directly from real-time forex charts embedded in the trading platform.
Customisable risk management tools.
Hedge trades by simultaneously holding long and short positions in one currency pair.
For multiple positions, select which orders to close rather than first in first out (FIFO).
Trade with flexibility
Margin trading, with up to 100: 1 leverage depending on forex trading experience.
Flexible trade sizes manage positions starting from 10,000 units to accurately.
Customised solutions for self directed traders through to financial institutions.
* Under normal market conditions.


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